Monday, 28 November 2011


My most clicked-on blogs this month, even though Ive being away from my blog i still read all my favorites:).
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Also thanks to my amazing 54 followers, hope you all good and looking farward to crimbooo.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Lee Evans//Newcastle

Green nail polish - MUA
Pinky/purple - ASDA own.
Top - Primark
Leggings - Matalan
Bag - Ebay
Wedges - River Island

Hello all! So this weekend (sat - sun) i was up in Newcastle. And the reason i was up there was to watch the peoples funny man LEE EVANS! Aw he was just amazing, me and Jamie just laughed at all his jokes, i can think about some of them now and just laugh hehe. Anyways while we was up there we went to Newcastle metro centre, its quite big, well bigger then our shopping centre;) but we didnt buy much, just a top, which will be photographed shortly. We did all this after my brothers car had a popped tyre on the motor way and had to get it fixed, oh the joys!
After the amazing show of lee Evans me and the boyo went for a meal, at Akbars Restaurant, after spending most of the week trying to find a nice restaurant to go to, and having no look after walking around we found this. I'd highly recommend if your a korma girl (or boy!) like me, yummy! Besides the waiter dropping a plate all over my poppadoms and smashing them to smithereens (he did give us a free pickle tray) it was absolutely fantastic! Has anyone else gone to see Lee Evans and what did you think?:)

p.s: Also found me a gorgeous studded bottom bag one word 'inlove'


Monday, 17 October 2011


Hi Dolls.
Dress // Topshop
Jacket // H+M
Fur Snood // Primark
Tights (cant be seen) // Primark
Loafers (cants be seen) // Newlook

(skip to para 2 for less boring talk)
Alrighty, first off my absence is just too long to apologise for. Basically my whole routine has changed, gone are the days of sleeping in till 10, nowadays I'm up out the door by 7:45. My whole weekend is taken up by work. Then 2 days of the week I'm at a school placement and the rest of the days are college days, so no lay ins for me ~sob~ this half term cannot come sooner! So I'm wearing black, and hair tied up 4/7,  which leave me 3 days of freedom! yippppee.

Anyhows, this is the winter version of this outfit. Love this fur snood, even though surprisingly i haven't worn it yet, it was only £1.00 too! You cant see that I'm wearing tights because my camera died (3 times) but will get a piccy up soony. Also wearing MUA lipstick which was only £1.00 too! Its a really nice colour and is long lasting surprisingly. Bit unsure if it suits me, but cant really go wrong for a quid can ya;)

p.s Was amazed at reaching 50 followers! I know for some its not a big thing, but its a big milestone for me, thanks everyone.
p.p.s: I go to see Lee Evans in Newcastle on Saturday and I'm staying the weekend. Ive ordered a dress and a scarf and a bag (phew) off eBay, so hopefully they'll come if not ill have to make do with a dress i have.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Last pictures of the summer project.
Belt and Skirt - River Island

I remember seeing this skirt in River Island and falling in love with the pattern straight away, i bought it for my holiday in Dominican but to my surprise only wore it once. The length is a-bit iffy that's why. And because its girly, what better to style if with something black,white and stripey!
- Moving on! Been at work today with the worst hayfever ever, but im starting to think its a cold, booo. Just been for a curry with my family so had to quickly snap these pic's once i got back (sorry about lighting).
P.S: Follow me on twitter, but not like i go on there alot @lamaepa and/or email me at, if you have any questions are 'queries' or just drop me a message, i love replying!

Monday, 12 September 2011


Playsuit - Primark (Borrowed off mumsie)
Belt - Primark
Wedges - River Island

Just a quick-y to show you all my FOURTH summer outfit of my project. Click here, here and here to see my other outfits. Also id just like to mention that my heart goes out to all the victims, and their families of 9/11, although i was too little to know what was really going on, i hope no other tragedy like that ever happens again. Okay so only one more summer outfit to go till the A/W ones, whoop, can't wait im a huge fan of knits and wrapping up, bring on the snow.

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Top - Primark
Belt - Primark
Skirt - H&M
So i only just managed to take 5 pictures then, bam, battery low, so here are the best. Tried to take a picture of my gorgeous shoes, but it had already died:'(. Busy Busy this week, back to college then got assigned to do a children's board game which I'm currently having fun making. Then i have a school placement so had to go and buy trousers! Then Ive been with Jamie and work etc etc. these are the reasons posts haven't being frequent.
Heart the skirt, i can cross it off my wanted list, and my top is from primarni..donks ago. But I'm sure theres more fashionable ones out now:)
ALSO if you haven't go and get yourself a pair of fleece p'jamma bottoms from primark there lush, and so comfortable, and are only something like 8 pounds?! Love them.

(ok its nearly winter i can wear them if i want to)

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Monday, 5 September 2011


(diy)Shirt - Ebay
(diy)Shorts - Primark.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Thats not true, i've lost two followers:( but dont worry i will make it up to you! I've been so busy this week, not to mention mega stressed. The college ive been thinking ill be going to this summer decided to tell me the course i was gonna take doesnt offer ucas points, which has lead me going back to my old college, of which i didnt really like, but ill have to get on with it ey. So i start tomorrow, yay...
So this is the second part of my belated summer/autumn project, the shirt is off ebay, but i cut the sleeves off and added another button to the top, thinking about cutting it to normal shirt length as its much longer then that, and the shorts were old primark jeans. As i said sorry for the late post, but internets back on and college is sorted hopefully so see you all soon!
(hey new followers!)

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Dress - Topshop

So finally, this is my first outfit of my 'little project'. My connection for the last couple of days has been off and me and my mum being dumb at computers as it is don't know how to do it, so I'm currently using my old computer, which somehow has connection...don't ask me!
- I absolutely love this dress, even though the pictures aren't great quality (it was at night time) you still get the idea. It's a burnt orange colour and is a great little dress for summer, cannot wait to show you how ill convert it for winter, im so excited for winterr! Any-ho, im going to keep posting on my big computerzz probably so i wont be gone, ta-ra for now.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

project runway

So Ive decided I'm going to do a project. Well i call it that, it involves getting summer outfits and then converting them to autumn outfits, they'll be 5 summer posts (outfits) followed after with autumn outfits. I'm pretty excited, but decided not to start today as Ive been quite lazy. I tried vintage floral nails today, and did most of the effects with professional nail art, i have both this and this. Sure you can get them cheaper on ebay if you wanted to check them out there. Also made a "lust list" for all the things i want for this season coming up, blue trousers and striped top are already marked off as Ive got them. Going to drag my boyfriend (Jamie) round some charity shops and hopefully to get these and some almond scented body lotion/wash, yum.
P.S: Check back tomorrow for my project!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

black sheer | sheer black

Top / h&m
Trousers / h&m
Boots / george

These are the boots i am amazed with there so comfy and warm, and a bargain at the price! Just a simple ootd as I'm doing absolutely nothing today, just uploading things for ebay. Cannot wait for college to start so i can get cracking on with work, i miss it, am i sad? Yep but owell. Got the top and trousers from h&m. I did two pictures too, to see if the top looked better in or out, i think i prefer it out. Needed some trousers because all i seems to wear are leggings. Also I've changed my background yet again, I'm still quite new to blogging and feel i haven't yet got "my own" thing yet, but when i get into it and make everything my own thing ill feel 100% more better. Now I'm off to get some strawberries with double thick cream, nom.


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

navy knit

Jumper - newlook
Leggings - primark
Rings - boyfriend and birthday

love this jumper, its size is 16 because quite frankly the size 8 was was too small and the size's 10 and 12 was too and they didn't have 14 so 16 it was. i love the baggy-ness and the cute patches and the brown threads, its scrummy! Also them leggings again, love the grunge. Wanted to show you some things i picked up from a carboot sale i went to, just the cute *gothish* pot notebook that ways a ton for £1! And the studded bag £25! Couldn't resist it.

- coats for winter? Ive been looking at quite a few and just cant decide what one i want, although i have my loved green parka i tried this one on, and dont be deceived by the piccy on the webby, it looks rubbish, but was really nice on, and also very warm, what do you beau's think?

- p.s well done to the bloggers that made it to Looks Top 20 Bloggers - good look to you all:)


Monday, 22 August 2011

why'd you have to pull the trigger pull the prigger pull the trigger, boom.

Hey folks
Sorry about not blogging much lately, truth be told i have'nt had much to blog about. But I have loads of new things to show you guys (and still a couple of things are in the post) including a diy shirt and just some basic old things, and my opinion on all things a/w! Today ive got my hair in a middle parting. I've seen alot of people sporting the look and just wanted to give it ago as it looks laid back and chilled. Still think i need to get used to it and that ive got a pea head, but owell. Hope you all had a smashing weekend, and didnt spend it working like me!
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Friday, 5 August 2011

i've seen your face and its like looking down a barrel of a gun, and it goes off.

Top - F&F
Shorts - DIY jeans

Having one of those days today, feeling fat/spotty and overall ugly. Sick of having a spotty greasy complexion so from now until whenever all im going to be drinking is water, as ive heard it helps alot. Really liking the A/W11 collections in stores, mostly h+m, matalan and newlook. Especially as i think newlook and h+m are very money friendly opposed to places such as topshop, don't et me wrong all the clothing are unique and irresistible, but in the opinion of a 17 year old student with barely a wage, the prices are too high, so i think ill just stick to ebay;)
p.s just bought some fab ankle boots from asda that will definitely be getting featured.
p.p.s nearly 40 followers! Thank you to each and everyone on one of you beauties

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Thought's on wed-nes-day.

- Just a pic to show you why there is no big post - I'm currently in my boyfriends tee looking scruffy after just watching Horrible Bosses such a good film.
- For some reason the weathers being making me really sleepy, well i don't know if it is the hotness but i have certainly being sleepy since the warm weather.
- Got my self a handy note-book from trusty pound-land. ooosh i love that place, just to jot down any ideas/thoughts and what not
- Even though Ian Somerhalder is 32, i can't help but thinking he is extremely hot, hope I'm not alone otherwise...that would be creep. NOM.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

i've got the gift of one liners and youve got the curse of curves

Hi! Firstly i just want to say thank you too all my followers and commenter's! I'm currently at 30 followers, and even though some people would think that's not alot (with there mighty 98767 followers!) i truly am grateful, and every single follower makes my day! Speech over, that is all, and.. Thank you!ox

(haha, the last pictures so funny, hate close-ups)
Top - UO (via ebay)
Leggings - Primark
Nails - Simple nude from asda + Instant nail effect.
So, I've being thinking and as you can see from the 3rd picture my hair is a darky brown? with light brown bits in it, this really isn't my choice, but i don't want to dye it no more through box colours so i was thinking of dyeing it a light brown verging dark dark blonde.. Mmm decisions, obv's id go get it done professionally so it wouldn't go wrong but i dont know if it would suit me, i just don't know! Hair is a awkward, as you can see mine is not my friend today.Hope you all have a good day anyways I'm on a driving lesson later then sleeping at the boyfriends so should be fun.
(3 Bloggers will be a new feature im doing every week to show the 3 blogs im loving!)
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Sunday, 24 July 2011

For your freedom years

Just for the sake of H.Potter + the Gang.
1 - The book that needs to be glued to my eyes. 2 - All my Company Magazine's (for your freedom years). 3 - The book that i cant wait to read what Jamie (Boyfriend for you that doesn't know) got me.

I know some of you may not read but i have to release my inner geek and say i am a massive book reader. Some of my favourite books are from when i was about 12-14 ie, Avalon High, Scarlett.. Then onwards it was The Twilight Saga (obviously) Then the inbetween books like 13 reasons why and Stolen. Now i want to read more adult-y books so when i read Men I've Loved Before i fell instantly in love and wanted to read many more, and Ive learnt the best place to by books are carboots -ahem to Jamie's grandparents- they are so much cheaper, Please write a comment if you recommend or simply enjoy reading too.
P.S - The In between books are really really good Jay Asher And Lucy Christopher are great authors.

Friday, 22 July 2011

little bit of um little bit of ah

Top / Primark
Legging, Things / Matalan
Scrabble Ring / My lovely Boy!

The last pose was 'just for the fun of it' and i never EVER were my hair in a top knot starting to think it suits me more then just having it down.. i dont know. Anyways went to see Harry Potterzz, Im not sad its over but it was good(:
Being thinking, that when my blog reaches 100 followers (abit of time yet i know) that im gooing to do abit of a givaway/comp, just little nicknaks sort of thing so keep awatch out for that:)
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Thursday, 21 July 2011

stuck in her daydream, been this way since 18

WOWZER. First post in a lonng time, i should be saying a really good excuse but to be fair, its all down to pure laziness and due to hardly having anything to blog about...but now I'm back and i have quite alot of things to show you stunners(;
Top /(Topshop) Ebay
Maxi Skirt / Ebay
Bralet / Primarni
Bag / Newlook
HeadBand / H&M
Really Mc'Lovin my new bag my mum got me too!(:
Also I don't know about you guys, but I'm really excited for winter, especially seeing all the new seasons clothes, cant wait to get big massive jumpers on, mmmm!
Love LO