Sunday, 24 July 2011

For your freedom years

Just for the sake of H.Potter + the Gang.
1 - The book that needs to be glued to my eyes. 2 - All my Company Magazine's (for your freedom years). 3 - The book that i cant wait to read what Jamie (Boyfriend for you that doesn't know) got me.

I know some of you may not read but i have to release my inner geek and say i am a massive book reader. Some of my favourite books are from when i was about 12-14 ie, Avalon High, Scarlett.. Then onwards it was The Twilight Saga (obviously) Then the inbetween books like 13 reasons why and Stolen. Now i want to read more adult-y books so when i read Men I've Loved Before i fell instantly in love and wanted to read many more, and Ive learnt the best place to by books are carboots -ahem to Jamie's grandparents- they are so much cheaper, Please write a comment if you recommend or simply enjoy reading too.
P.S - The In between books are really really good Jay Asher And Lucy Christopher are great authors.


Cherry said...

I love Sophie Kinsella though I've yet to read any of her stuff that isn't in the Shopaholic series! I really need to do something about that!

Yona said...

I'm also a book worm :). The bad thing is that i like reading books in english and they're difficult to find here in my country (they're all in spanish!). So sometimes i buy from amazon but the shipping is always an issue.

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

I'd love to take up reading again this summer! Lovely photos, hehe!


I absolutely love reading! My bookcase has no more room! You should read 'The Lovely Bones', such a good book even though it's such a horrible storyline. I bought it Saturday and am now half way through it after about 4 hours of reading overall! The film is just as good :)

Carly x