Tuesday, 26 July 2011

i've got the gift of one liners and youve got the curse of curves

Hi! Firstly i just want to say thank you too all my followers and commenter's! I'm currently at 30 followers, and even though some people would think that's not alot (with there mighty 98767 followers!) i truly am grateful, and every single follower makes my day! Speech over, that is all, and.. Thank you!ox

(haha, the last pictures so funny, hate close-ups)
Top - UO (via ebay)
Leggings - Primark
Nails - Simple nude from asda + Instant nail effect.
So, I've being thinking and as you can see from the 3rd picture my hair is a darky brown? with light brown bits in it, this really isn't my choice, but i don't want to dye it no more through box colours so i was thinking of dyeing it a light brown verging dark dark blonde.. Mmm decisions, obv's id go get it done professionally so it wouldn't go wrong but i dont know if it would suit me, i just don't know! Hair is a awkward, as you can see mine is not my friend today.Hope you all have a good day anyways I'm on a driving lesson later then sleeping at the boyfriends so should be fun.
(3 Bloggers will be a new feature im doing every week to show the 3 blogs im loving!)
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Cee Harvey said...

cool look
loving the tee

shanice said...

Totally know what you mean about followers, I get excited every time I get a new one ha :$ x

Sophie said...

Do it, you'd look really lovely with that colour


Becky. said...

your nails look amazing and i love those leggings wow from primark aswell definitely a good buy there :) xxx

Becky. said...

p.s loveee the song the title is from haha ;) xx

Yona said...

I also don't have a lot of followers but i love each one of them <3. Blogs are about quality and not quantity :).
Omg i loooved your leggings!!! <3

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Ooh I do like your leggings.

Helen, X

Patrycja said...

amazing tshirt !


The Style Rawr said...

Love this look! So rockstar ;) Congrats on hitting 35 (now 36)! We're also super grateful for every follower we have :) Keep up the good work!

Please check us & follow us back if you'd like ;)

T & J



Karissa said...

love the leggings so much, I've been searching for ones like those for forever!