Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Plastics

- Okay, so the top picture is off my 'fake' Pandora bracelet (sorry bad quality) and the second is of a real one, i just want to state that i really cannot tell the difference! So I'm not a suck up for designer so i think that's just why I'm not bothered, my 'fakie' came with 12 cute beads and i picked a charm ( a fish) and i do love it, i wouldn't pay the stupid amount of money that some people do pay, mine was about £10-£20. And i think its so worth it, you can email me if you want to know where i got it from, much love Laura.
p.s: it says i have 7 followers but i can only see 5, so if you are the 2 other people, thank you so much:) ciao!

Monday, 30 May 2011

And be on your way.

So This is what i am wearing today, Top - in sale - newlook and leggings are just from primarni! Over all outfit comes up to around £15 not bad! (PS: sorry for the bad lighting in 2nd picture!)

Okay so i just wanted to share what make-up i actually wear because its not alot, as you probably can tell.
To be honest if im wearing foundation and mascara then I'm fine, the blush and eyeliner are a plus. Also i put the carmax gloss on when i go to bed because it really does hydrate your lips, also fab if you have cracked/dry lips like me. Obviously when there's a special occasion i go out of my comfort zone and try different make-up, i should anyways buy hey hoooo. Thanks for reading:)
I also gained 2 followers, yippee! It really has made my day, so thanks:)!oxoxox

Sunday, 29 May 2011

sunday flux

Okay, so these aren't the best of pictures 1) i don't have a tripod 2) i don't have a plain white wall in my house and 3) you see my ticket in the second! Also did i mention my hairs super greasy from work..ohhhh.
Anyhow, got this jumper for a super £7 it got reduced from something like £21 and its super comfy and lightweight! Just wanted to share my super bargain with you! If anyone reads.. el oh el. see you soon oxoxox

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Forget about the frenzy

Okay, my camera's battery ran out, so time for the webcamz. Just a few things.
£3, Worn to be seen erm bralet? Couldn't resist the polka dot nom nom.

£8 fruit top, thought it was summery and my mum liked it too, so why not.    
£2.99 leopard print headband, i got this inspiration from here she rocks the it, i saw this and i thought it was a must.
£2 floral headband. i was debating this at first then saw the price its not a money breaker. From F+F
£15 sandal's, i know that brogues are in, but through summer you need a pair of comfy shoes that can let you breathe, be hold the mighty black sandals from JD and so comfortable darling...
Once my camera is up and running will show more, espec this jumper that was in the sale! woop.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Another summers day..

1) Batiste Dry Shampoo - Hair savior or what! Really, when im having a super bad hair day, or i couldnt be bothered to wash my hair the night before (lazy-ness) i just spray this in my roots and rub:) wala! The only down fall is it comes out powdery white? But im sure theres a brunetter one that i could test..
2) Vampire Daires Saga - Okay, i've read all of the twilight saga's and yes they are brilliant, but my new love is vampire daires im currently reading 'the fury' and i cant put it down! Plus its a TV series - season 3 - coming in summer, whoop!
3) River Island Bow Top - How could you not think this is cute?! I'm going away in a little over a week and id love to have this, due to my bak balance i cant see that happening, but if i wear to have the money id grab it while i can! It's adorable.
4) 25 Hour Foundation (Rimmel London) - So i have really weird skin in the sumer its sometimes oily and in winter it gets very dry, but at last i found a foundation that is suitable to all seasons, in the winter it lasts through rain snow, wind! I havent yet tried it in summer, but we'll see, i cant see it melting off my face as it feels lightweight. Very-Recomended!
5) Barry M Instant nail Effects (Black) - I saw this on a couple of blogs, on the tv and word of mouth so obviously i wanted to try it, and i must say that it is pretty cool, although when i painted mine it did go abit funny, blame it on my shakey hand!
6)Harajuku lovers (Baby) - Well Well Well, ive had this baby (haha) since crimbo last year, i havent even wanted to use it due to its cute-ness and loverly fragence. I dont know how much it was, due to it being a christmas pressie, but i think (THINK) it would be expensive? Im not sure, but  it is lush, and so worth buying! I mean come on...Look at it. 
7) Comapany Magazine - And last but not least COMPANY MAGAZINE - where would i be without you, you are my bible, full of fashion tips and stories along with advice and other wicked stuff, i have a full collection and for mesely £2 what more could you want?
Just somethings i wanted to share, oxoxox

Thursday, 26 May 2011


This is just half of my nail varnishes, but i thought to start of my absolute inspired blog, i'd do a nail varnish post! As you can see these are my 18 most favorite nail paints.
- The 'Front Cover' nail varnishes are gorgeous and come in really warm and bright (the carrot colour at the back) colours.
- My ABSOLUTE favorite was the red barry M one 'bright red 262' but unfortuantly its gone all gloopy due to not fastening the top, ooppies.
- Below is the Barry M nail effect varnish, and i must say it looks lush!

I just came to say hello.

HIYERRR! I have being inspired by other bloggers, which i have followed and did make a blog, which i totally failed at! But this time i really want to give it ago. And with a big break from college ill have loads of spare time on my hands, so i hope this really works! And if you do read thank you, CIAO..