Friday, 27 May 2011

Another summers day..

1) Batiste Dry Shampoo - Hair savior or what! Really, when im having a super bad hair day, or i couldnt be bothered to wash my hair the night before (lazy-ness) i just spray this in my roots and rub:) wala! The only down fall is it comes out powdery white? But im sure theres a brunetter one that i could test..
2) Vampire Daires Saga - Okay, i've read all of the twilight saga's and yes they are brilliant, but my new love is vampire daires im currently reading 'the fury' and i cant put it down! Plus its a TV series - season 3 - coming in summer, whoop!
3) River Island Bow Top - How could you not think this is cute?! I'm going away in a little over a week and id love to have this, due to my bak balance i cant see that happening, but if i wear to have the money id grab it while i can! It's adorable.
4) 25 Hour Foundation (Rimmel London) - So i have really weird skin in the sumer its sometimes oily and in winter it gets very dry, but at last i found a foundation that is suitable to all seasons, in the winter it lasts through rain snow, wind! I havent yet tried it in summer, but we'll see, i cant see it melting off my face as it feels lightweight. Very-Recomended!
5) Barry M Instant nail Effects (Black) - I saw this on a couple of blogs, on the tv and word of mouth so obviously i wanted to try it, and i must say that it is pretty cool, although when i painted mine it did go abit funny, blame it on my shakey hand!
6)Harajuku lovers (Baby) - Well Well Well, ive had this baby (haha) since crimbo last year, i havent even wanted to use it due to its cute-ness and loverly fragence. I dont know how much it was, due to it being a christmas pressie, but i think (THINK) it would be expensive? Im not sure, but  it is lush, and so worth buying! I mean come on...Look at it. 
7) Comapany Magazine - And last but not least COMPANY MAGAZINE - where would i be without you, you are my bible, full of fashion tips and stories along with advice and other wicked stuff, i have a full collection and for mesely £2 what more could you want?
Just somethings i wanted to share, oxoxox


kirstyb said...

need to buy some more dry shampooo x

Laura said...

hehe, ive just gone out and got some:)

Stephanie said...

Have you tried True Blood? Best vampires ever :) x