Thursday, 26 May 2011


This is just half of my nail varnishes, but i thought to start of my absolute inspired blog, i'd do a nail varnish post! As you can see these are my 18 most favorite nail paints.
- The 'Front Cover' nail varnishes are gorgeous and come in really warm and bright (the carrot colour at the back) colours.
- My ABSOLUTE favorite was the red barry M one 'bright red 262' but unfortuantly its gone all gloopy due to not fastening the top, ooppies.
- Below is the Barry M nail effect varnish, and i must say it looks lush!


ShopeDelano said...

Oh love how you've put a different colour on each nail, then put the cracked effect over it! I'm definitley going to be trying that!

London's Closet xx

Sara Louise said...

they remind me of dinosaurs, but in a good way . maybe dinosaur eggs ! love them

Temporary:Secretary said...

pretty nails! x

C & M said...

ooh lucky you!<3 soo many nailpolishes!<3