Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Plastics

- Okay, so the top picture is off my 'fake' Pandora bracelet (sorry bad quality) and the second is of a real one, i just want to state that i really cannot tell the difference! So I'm not a suck up for designer so i think that's just why I'm not bothered, my 'fakie' came with 12 cute beads and i picked a charm ( a fish) and i do love it, i wouldn't pay the stupid amount of money that some people do pay, mine was about £10-£20. And i think its so worth it, you can email me if you want to know where i got it from, much love Laura.
p.s: it says i have 7 followers but i can only see 5, so if you are the 2 other people, thank you so much:) ciao!


Cee Harvey said...

I love your copy bracelet, it's really cute, and I agree the real ones are too expensive, personally I'd rather spend all that money on a bunch of bigger things rather than just a bunch of charms!


mily sánchez said...

laura hello I am new to this but I love your blogg I kiss you now

Laura said...

i have a real one but only coz my boyfriend spoilt me! + tbh looking at yours i wouldn't ever be able to tell the difference!
can you buy just the charms? and if so are they a lot cheaper? xoxo

Anonymous said...

wowww that's really cool! it looks realllly pretty too!
Jamilah xx

HelloKittyx94 said...

Same! I have a fake one that's full of gorgeous pink jewels and you couldn't tell! everyone who saw it was shocked and asked how i'd spent so much money hahaha!!! :D xxx