Sunday, 8 January 2012

To kill a mocking girl

Things I like this week.
My favourite footwear at the moment (not including my zara boots because they where ridiculous to photograph, and i cant find them on the interwebz). The first ones remind me of moccasins, there just too cute & the second pair, even though a little bit fugly i still love them, they remind me of creepers, but not all that big, which in my mind is good because that's the only thing that puts me off the underground ones. Reluctant to wearing them with Jamie because he said there just embarrassing -cry- but still love-them!
OH. This is my very first project i did with my beautiful sewing machine. It's a mushroom pincushion. I think its totally adorable i could make hundreds and there quite easy to make hence, why it was my first 'mini-project' (CUTTTE). Also my fab buttons! I got them from Ebay, fairly cheap, you can either pick from light or dark coloured ones but i just picked the darkies because they have nice wine and mustard ones jumbled in there (if you want the seller please email me:
Okay everyone and there dog rants on about how good pandora bracelets are, so when me and my mum got some -fake- pandora bracelets blog post here, we decided the big hype wasn't worth it. SO, it eventually came to Christmas morning and i opened this beauty, i was totally turned back at ow crappy pandora was and decided they where bloody amazing. I havent took this ring off since Christmas, and the fact that my mum & sister both have a pandora ring says it all too. Garnier night cream must-get. I have dry-ish skin but my skin looks & feels alot better after this.
& finally, a new year cannot commence with a brand spanking diary. Ive had one every year for the last 3/4 years and its amazing what you get up to and feel all those many moons ago, my diary also helps me what i remember what i did yesterday, what i have a tendency to forget. This one was from pound shop and its so pretty, obviously only a found to, saver!


Monday, 2 January 2012

see you around


I Hope you all had a fan-dabby-dosy christmas and newyear and got lots of nice pressies! Felt abit sorry for my mum and dad this year as all the way up to december all i was asking for was a pug, that not going to plan i ended up with a lovely sewing machine and lots of other nice pressies! Drop me a comment to tell me what you all got up to/got for christmas. Sadly my great nanna died on christmas day, which was really upsetting for all the family especially as its one day of the year where families get together and celebrate life. But this christmas has reminded me that you have got to live everyday like its your last because you really dont know whats round the corner. My nan was and still is a great inspiration in my life, a fantastic and beautiful woman, and will never ever be forgotten.

Monday, 28 November 2011


My most clicked-on blogs this month, even though Ive being away from my blog i still read all my favorites:).
For her amazing sense of fashion
For all of her beautiful fashion finds
For all of her inspirational diy's

For all her most versatile looks

Also thanks to my amazing 54 followers, hope you all good and looking farward to crimbooo.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Lee Evans//Newcastle

Green nail polish - MUA
Pinky/purple - ASDA own.
Top - Primark
Leggings - Matalan
Bag - Ebay
Wedges - River Island

Hello all! So this weekend (sat - sun) i was up in Newcastle. And the reason i was up there was to watch the peoples funny man LEE EVANS! Aw he was just amazing, me and Jamie just laughed at all his jokes, i can think about some of them now and just laugh hehe. Anyways while we was up there we went to Newcastle metro centre, its quite big, well bigger then our shopping centre;) but we didnt buy much, just a top, which will be photographed shortly. We did all this after my brothers car had a popped tyre on the motor way and had to get it fixed, oh the joys!
After the amazing show of lee Evans me and the boyo went for a meal, at Akbars Restaurant, after spending most of the week trying to find a nice restaurant to go to, and having no look after walking around we found this. I'd highly recommend if your a korma girl (or boy!) like me, yummy! Besides the waiter dropping a plate all over my poppadoms and smashing them to smithereens (he did give us a free pickle tray) it was absolutely fantastic! Has anyone else gone to see Lee Evans and what did you think?:)

p.s: Also found me a gorgeous studded bottom bag one word 'inlove'


Monday, 17 October 2011


Hi Dolls.
Dress // Topshop
Jacket // H+M
Fur Snood // Primark
Tights (cant be seen) // Primark
Loafers (cants be seen) // Newlook

(skip to para 2 for less boring talk)
Alrighty, first off my absence is just too long to apologise for. Basically my whole routine has changed, gone are the days of sleeping in till 10, nowadays I'm up out the door by 7:45. My whole weekend is taken up by work. Then 2 days of the week I'm at a school placement and the rest of the days are college days, so no lay ins for me ~sob~ this half term cannot come sooner! So I'm wearing black, and hair tied up 4/7,  which leave me 3 days of freedom! yippppee.

Anyhows, this is the winter version of this outfit. Love this fur snood, even though surprisingly i haven't worn it yet, it was only £1.00 too! You cant see that I'm wearing tights because my camera died (3 times) but will get a piccy up soony. Also wearing MUA lipstick which was only £1.00 too! Its a really nice colour and is long lasting surprisingly. Bit unsure if it suits me, but cant really go wrong for a quid can ya;)

p.s Was amazed at reaching 50 followers! I know for some its not a big thing, but its a big milestone for me, thanks everyone.
p.p.s: I go to see Lee Evans in Newcastle on Saturday and I'm staying the weekend. Ive ordered a dress and a scarf and a bag (phew) off eBay, so hopefully they'll come if not ill have to make do with a dress i have.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Last pictures of the summer project.
Belt and Skirt - River Island

I remember seeing this skirt in River Island and falling in love with the pattern straight away, i bought it for my holiday in Dominican but to my surprise only wore it once. The length is a-bit iffy that's why. And because its girly, what better to style if with something black,white and stripey!
- Moving on! Been at work today with the worst hayfever ever, but im starting to think its a cold, booo. Just been for a curry with my family so had to quickly snap these pic's once i got back (sorry about lighting).
P.S: Follow me on twitter, but not like i go on there alot @lamaepa and/or email me at, if you have any questions are 'queries' or just drop me a message, i love replying!

Monday, 12 September 2011


Playsuit - Primark (Borrowed off mumsie)
Belt - Primark
Wedges - River Island

Just a quick-y to show you all my FOURTH summer outfit of my project. Click here, here and here to see my other outfits. Also id just like to mention that my heart goes out to all the victims, and their families of 9/11, although i was too little to know what was really going on, i hope no other tragedy like that ever happens again. Okay so only one more summer outfit to go till the A/W ones, whoop, can't wait im a huge fan of knits and wrapping up, bring on the snow.