Monday, 17 October 2011


Hi Dolls.
Dress // Topshop
Jacket // H+M
Fur Snood // Primark
Tights (cant be seen) // Primark
Loafers (cants be seen) // Newlook

(skip to para 2 for less boring talk)
Alrighty, first off my absence is just too long to apologise for. Basically my whole routine has changed, gone are the days of sleeping in till 10, nowadays I'm up out the door by 7:45. My whole weekend is taken up by work. Then 2 days of the week I'm at a school placement and the rest of the days are college days, so no lay ins for me ~sob~ this half term cannot come sooner! So I'm wearing black, and hair tied up 4/7,  which leave me 3 days of freedom! yippppee.

Anyhows, this is the winter version of this outfit. Love this fur snood, even though surprisingly i haven't worn it yet, it was only £1.00 too! You cant see that I'm wearing tights because my camera died (3 times) but will get a piccy up soony. Also wearing MUA lipstick which was only £1.00 too! Its a really nice colour and is long lasting surprisingly. Bit unsure if it suits me, but cant really go wrong for a quid can ya;)

p.s Was amazed at reaching 50 followers! I know for some its not a big thing, but its a big milestone for me, thanks everyone.
p.p.s: I go to see Lee Evans in Newcastle on Saturday and I'm staying the weekend. Ive ordered a dress and a scarf and a bag (phew) off eBay, so hopefully they'll come if not ill have to make do with a dress i have.


PookeBoop♥ said...

great post!)

Claire said...

If that jacket was bought recently-ish, I think I have the same one :) The snood looks gorgeous - I need to get to Primark!

Rachel said...

I really love that scarf!

ttFN said...

Gorgeous addition of fur x

Summer said...

Gah, I love that furry scarf! Wish I could find something similiar :)