Monday, 24 October 2011

Lee Evans//Newcastle

Green nail polish - MUA
Pinky/purple - ASDA own.
Top - Primark
Leggings - Matalan
Bag - Ebay
Wedges - River Island

Hello all! So this weekend (sat - sun) i was up in Newcastle. And the reason i was up there was to watch the peoples funny man LEE EVANS! Aw he was just amazing, me and Jamie just laughed at all his jokes, i can think about some of them now and just laugh hehe. Anyways while we was up there we went to Newcastle metro centre, its quite big, well bigger then our shopping centre;) but we didnt buy much, just a top, which will be photographed shortly. We did all this after my brothers car had a popped tyre on the motor way and had to get it fixed, oh the joys!
After the amazing show of lee Evans me and the boyo went for a meal, at Akbars Restaurant, after spending most of the week trying to find a nice restaurant to go to, and having no look after walking around we found this. I'd highly recommend if your a korma girl (or boy!) like me, yummy! Besides the waiter dropping a plate all over my poppadoms and smashing them to smithereens (he did give us a free pickle tray) it was absolutely fantastic! Has anyone else gone to see Lee Evans and what did you think?:)

p.s: Also found me a gorgeous studded bottom bag one word 'inlove'



PookeBoop♥ said...

you have beautiful style!!!)
love it.

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

LOVE the outfit!

Claire said...

Great outfit - I love that top! Glad you enjoyed Lee Evans too :)

chelsea.jade said...

Lovely outfit, your leggings are perfect :)