Saturday, 17 September 2011


Last pictures of the summer project.
Belt and Skirt - River Island

I remember seeing this skirt in River Island and falling in love with the pattern straight away, i bought it for my holiday in Dominican but to my surprise only wore it once. The length is a-bit iffy that's why. And because its girly, what better to style if with something black,white and stripey!
- Moving on! Been at work today with the worst hayfever ever, but im starting to think its a cold, booo. Just been for a curry with my family so had to quickly snap these pic's once i got back (sorry about lighting).
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Monday, 12 September 2011


Playsuit - Primark (Borrowed off mumsie)
Belt - Primark
Wedges - River Island

Just a quick-y to show you all my FOURTH summer outfit of my project. Click here, here and here to see my other outfits. Also id just like to mention that my heart goes out to all the victims, and their families of 9/11, although i was too little to know what was really going on, i hope no other tragedy like that ever happens again. Okay so only one more summer outfit to go till the A/W ones, whoop, can't wait im a huge fan of knits and wrapping up, bring on the snow.

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Top - Primark
Belt - Primark
Skirt - H&M
So i only just managed to take 5 pictures then, bam, battery low, so here are the best. Tried to take a picture of my gorgeous shoes, but it had already died:'(. Busy Busy this week, back to college then got assigned to do a children's board game which I'm currently having fun making. Then i have a school placement so had to go and buy trousers! Then Ive been with Jamie and work etc etc. these are the reasons posts haven't being frequent.
Heart the skirt, i can cross it off my wanted list, and my top is from primarni..donks ago. But I'm sure theres more fashionable ones out now:)
ALSO if you haven't go and get yourself a pair of fleece p'jamma bottoms from primark there lush, and so comfortable, and are only something like 8 pounds?! Love them.

(ok its nearly winter i can wear them if i want to)

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Monday, 5 September 2011


(diy)Shirt - Ebay
(diy)Shorts - Primark.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Thats not true, i've lost two followers:( but dont worry i will make it up to you! I've been so busy this week, not to mention mega stressed. The college ive been thinking ill be going to this summer decided to tell me the course i was gonna take doesnt offer ucas points, which has lead me going back to my old college, of which i didnt really like, but ill have to get on with it ey. So i start tomorrow, yay...
So this is the second part of my belated summer/autumn project, the shirt is off ebay, but i cut the sleeves off and added another button to the top, thinking about cutting it to normal shirt length as its much longer then that, and the shorts were old primark jeans. As i said sorry for the late post, but internets back on and college is sorted hopefully so see you all soon!
(hey new followers!)