Monday, 2 January 2012

see you around


I Hope you all had a fan-dabby-dosy christmas and newyear and got lots of nice pressies! Felt abit sorry for my mum and dad this year as all the way up to december all i was asking for was a pug, that not going to plan i ended up with a lovely sewing machine and lots of other nice pressies! Drop me a comment to tell me what you all got up to/got for christmas. Sadly my great nanna died on christmas day, which was really upsetting for all the family especially as its one day of the year where families get together and celebrate life. But this christmas has reminded me that you have got to live everyday like its your last because you really dont know whats round the corner. My nan was and still is a great inspiration in my life, a fantastic and beautiful woman, and will never ever be forgotten.


frecklie said...

So sorry to hear about your great nanna :( *hug* Love how positive you are being. Life is so short and you definatley need to live every day like its your last.

George |

chelsea.jade said...

I'm sorry to hear about what happened, I hope you and your family are okay!
I just came across your lovely little blog! :)