Monday, 30 May 2011

And be on your way.

So This is what i am wearing today, Top - in sale - newlook and leggings are just from primarni! Over all outfit comes up to around £15 not bad! (PS: sorry for the bad lighting in 2nd picture!)

Okay so i just wanted to share what make-up i actually wear because its not alot, as you probably can tell.
To be honest if im wearing foundation and mascara then I'm fine, the blush and eyeliner are a plus. Also i put the carmax gloss on when i go to bed because it really does hydrate your lips, also fab if you have cracked/dry lips like me. Obviously when there's a special occasion i go out of my comfort zone and try different make-up, i should anyways buy hey hoooo. Thanks for reading:)
I also gained 2 followers, yippee! It really has made my day, so thanks:)!oxoxox


Deanna said...

love the print of your shirt! Gorgeous.

♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Love the blouse, so pretty.

Sadie xx

alittlebitofroza said...

thank you for your comments on my blog.
and picnik is great, thanks!

LouLaBelle said...

carmex is my saviourrr,, i love the cherry one! yumyum.

Lou xxx

Laura said...

oh i love the original one, but i may have to try the cherry one:)

Laura said...

@deanna + @sadie - thankyou!:)oxox

Jasmin said...

I love your top, it's really pretty. Just loving sheer shirts at the moment, they're so easy to dress up or down. And Carmex is such a lifesaver. x

Laura said...

yeah i really agree, you can wear them anytime any place:)
and it really is:)ox

Jamilah said...

the top is really pretty! perfect for summer
and i couldn't LIVE without my carmex :)
Jamilah xx