Wednesday, 24 August 2011

black sheer | sheer black

Top / h&m
Trousers / h&m
Boots / george

These are the boots i am amazed with there so comfy and warm, and a bargain at the price! Just a simple ootd as I'm doing absolutely nothing today, just uploading things for ebay. Cannot wait for college to start so i can get cracking on with work, i miss it, am i sad? Yep but owell. Got the top and trousers from h&m. I did two pictures too, to see if the top looked better in or out, i think i prefer it out. Needed some trousers because all i seems to wear are leggings. Also I've changed my background yet again, I'm still quite new to blogging and feel i haven't yet got "my own" thing yet, but when i get into it and make everything my own thing ill feel 100% more better. Now I'm off to get some strawberries with double thick cream, nom.



Carly said...

those boots are great !
i love your blog, i am now following, i hope you can follow back.

PookeBoop♥ said...

wow, you look amazing!:)