Monday, 22 August 2011

why'd you have to pull the trigger pull the prigger pull the trigger, boom.

Hey folks
Sorry about not blogging much lately, truth be told i have'nt had much to blog about. But I have loads of new things to show you guys (and still a couple of things are in the post) including a diy shirt and just some basic old things, and my opinion on all things a/w! Today ive got my hair in a middle parting. I've seen alot of people sporting the look and just wanted to give it ago as it looks laid back and chilled. Still think i need to get used to it and that ive got a pea head, but owell. Hope you all had a smashing weekend, and didnt spend it working like me!
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PookeBoop♥ said...

you look great!:)
Ella´s great!:)

Sophie said...

Hey that's me :D thanks for mentioning, and I love your blog!