Friday, 3 June 2011


Hi lovely followers/anyone that may read my blog!:) Just a OOTD/NOTD post, nothing too exciting. Enjoyy!

Okay so today i wore this stripey (Black) sleeveless top with was £4 in the sale at Newlook, ah-maz-ing.
The skirt is just from Miss selfridges from about 2 years ago!
And the jacket, which i team with most of my outfits on nice hots days is from Primark!
(Sorry about the weird face)
HEHE, this picture is so funny, put my web cam on too, just needed to upload it.
But the base colour is a Grey Barry M polish and the top coat is the nail effects from Barry M, also amazing!
- Unfortunately i need to take it off, as where i work don't allow nail weird.
Anyways hope everyone has a good weekend, Laura ox


Hannah said...

I'm definitely going to get the jacket from primark, I've seen it but never bought it, which I'm so annoyed about because it looks so nice on you! My school doesn't let us wear nail polish which i find so annoying because I'm a bit addicted! x

cheyenne davide. said...

love the nail varnish, I think I'm like the only person who hasn't tried it yet - bummer hahha.
OMG thats well weird, where do you work? x

augustalolita said...

wonderful outfit and photos <3 love your polish color/design!!

Hannah said...

gotta love a stripy top =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Vintage Makeup said...

Cute nails! Fabulous blog :)

Angel Garcia said...

Nice shirt.. Haha yeah I never really understood jobs where they say no nail polish... it's weird..

All the best, Angel

Emma said...

Great nails - I've not tried it with they grey before, may have to give it a go! x

Jasmin said...

I love your denim waistcoat, I always team mine with everything on hot days too, it looks really cute with that stripy top x